Key Stage 1 – (Prep 1, Prep 2)

In Key stage 1 the curriculum shifts towards a subject-based, more structured time-table. We continue to develop the phonic awareness and reading skills that have been introduced in Reception and build on the abilities of each individual child. Reading books are sent home each evening for the children to share with parents and weekly spellings are introduced. Subjects such as History and Geography are introduced through a range of topics such as Toys, Houses and Homes, The Victorians and Our School Environment. Our aim is to instil a love of learning and to encourage creative thinking from a young age. Educational visits play a part in this and really help to bring learning to life for young children.

As the children progress into Prep Two, we encourage greater independence and build on their developing self-confidence. Small amounts of homework are introduced, in order to prepare the children for the transition into Key Stage 2. Again, the curriculum is delivered through topics such as Florence Nightingale and World War 1. As the children progress from Prep 2 to Prep 3 they learn to take more responsibility for themselves and enter Key Stage 2 ready to take the next step in their journey through school life.

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