School Holidays 2019/2020

Autumn Term 2019

Open                 Tuesday 3rd September 2019

Closed               Thursday 19th December 2019

Half Term        Monday 14th October – Friday 25th October 2019

SpringTerm 2020

Open                 Monday 6th January 2020

Closed               Friday 3rd April 2020

Half Term        Monday 17th February – Friday 21th February 2020

SummerTerm 2020

Open                 Monday 20th April 2020

Closed               Friday 10th July 2020

Half Term        Monday 25th May – Friday 5th June 2020

Bank Holiday  Friday 8th May 2020

The dates above are the official school holidays. Parents should note that taking Holidays at times others than these can be extremely disruptive to a child’s education. Holidays are expected to be taken during school holidays and not taken in school time. Any absence must be authorised by the headteacher/deputy head and will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances.

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