Catlin’s Dream

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Caitlin has skied for 5 years and has established herself as a top skier for her age in the UK. Most British skiers are disadvantaged by not living in the mountains.  To compete with those who live there, she has to travel and spend time training abroad.  This is complimented by her training and competing indoors in the UK.  Caitlin watched Chemmy Alcott in the opening ceremony at Sochi in 2014, and as she competed in her 4th Olympics, stated “I am going to do what that lady has done”.  Chemmy retired after Sochi and established a fantastic training and coaching Squad, CDC Performance, with her husband and retired International Skier, Dougie Crawford.  Caitlin is one of the youngest members of the Squad.

Having won the BritishGrand Prix Series and otherUnder 10 Championships in 2015, she was selected to be one of Chillfactore’s Sponsored Athletes, allowing her to train at the slope whenever she needs, often early Sunday mornings.Since moving to the older age group of year 6 and year 7 girls, she was achieved: 3 top 5 finishes in the mountains; 4th in the British Indoor Grand Prix Series; missing out on 3rd place in the British Championship by 0.01 of a second; winning the overall  title in a French race, and even winning a race at the Dubai Indoor Ski Centre.


Training at the highest level and keeping up with School is difficult but the Staff at Green Meadow have been fantastic in supporting Catlin’s dreams. Their support allows the adults and teachers that travel with Caitlin to work with her as part of her busy daily training schedule.  Those days start at 5.30am and finish at 8pm, including not only skiing and school but fitness and mobility sessions, the next day’s preparation and video analysis.  Whatever happens, education must come first.  The CDC programme is designed to allow the athletes to achieve their potential in their sport and in the classroom.

Apart from her Alpine Skiing Disciplines, she has also been selected as a member of the British Junior Ski Cross Squad and is the reigning British Under 12s Champion in this exciting format.

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