Key Stage Two Pupils Loan Microscopes From RMS

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Key Stage two had the opportunity in our Spring term to loan some microscopes from the Royal Microscopical Society.

The kit was huge when it came and it contained microscopes, a camera and lots of other equipment, as well as some fascinating samples to view under the microscopes.

Mr Abbott, who is an Advanced Technologist at Pilkington NSG, came in to school to show us how to use the microscopes correctly and to show us some samples under the microscopes. He also told us about his job and what it is like to work as a scientist.


We found it really interesting to look at everyday objects under the microscopes, such as salt, herbs, seeds, sponges and even some insects! One child said, “the sand and salt looked really different, like crystals.” We could see different features on them that cannot be seen with the naked eye, such as the little hairs on the bee’s legs for collecting pollen.

We had lots of fun with the microscopes, they were really interesting and exciting to use. “another child said, “I liked being able to see different things up close, things that are normally too small to be seen.” We have bought some of our own to use in our science lessons.

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