Manchester Science and Industry Museum KS2

In December 2015, Key Stage 2 went on a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

Key Stage 2 had been learning about Electricity and Light in science so it was the perfect place to go!

We visited the Electricity Gallery and found out about the history of Electricity. We saw some early electrical appliances and followed them through history until we reached the present day. We also looked at the future of electricity and energy-saving methods.

We visited ‘Experiment!’ which is an interactive gallery full of different experiments. We had lots of fun trying out different things, such as the sound experiments and looking at shadows.
One child said, “It was fun to do light experiments and to use the periscopes.”
We also visited the Water exhibition, which tied in with Prep 3/4’s topic, ‘Mountains, Rivers and Coasts’. We learned more about the water cycle, sanitation through history and even walked through a Victorian sewer!

Another child said, “It was exciting because we got to do things we wouldn’t normally do, like walking through sewers!”

We also looked at the role United Utilities plays around Manchester and the importance of saving water and watching how much we use.

The Science museum was a fantastic trip. We all enjoyed it and definitely learned lots of new things.

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